Take care of the mental well-being at work
of your people

Mental Ecology support from the cognitive sciences

Raise awareness about mental well-being among employees and managers


Inspirationnal keynotes speakers

With scientific evidence
based tips for mental well-being at work



Learning and training on the fundamentals of mental ecology. Sharing best practices and
and putting them into practice.


Digital Accompaniment

App, Webinars and Tip Sheets.
Over 300 podcasts & videos, customizable content edition according to your needs.

Our topics on mental ecology
and well-being at work


Cognitive Comfort

Reduce your mental load, cultivate your intellectual flexibility for more comfort and cognitive well-being. Manage your concentration to gain efficiency and serenity.


Relationships and motivation

Gain in optimism, manage your emotions. Reduce stress, prevent burn-out, build self-confidence. Maintain a good work atmosphere.


Regeneration and sleep

Improve the quality of cognitive recovery with micro-pauses for increased alertness. Scientific advice for better sleep


Sense and eco-anxiety

The impact of climate change on mental well-being. How to reduce climate anxiety at work. Cognitive barriers and drivers to raise eco-consciousness.

Digital content sessions

For a good individual and collective mental ecology throughout the year,
we offer your employees Self-care support.


With mental ecology tips

Advice to improve cognitive comfort and reduce stress at work


Live inter-company

30 minutes in a scientific, educational and interactive format

Webapp and App

Mental well-being

Recognized expertise

Preventica Innovation Award
Silver Trophy for Well-being and Quality of Life at Work

Customer satisfaction

“Inspiring webinars that allow our employees to discover new practices aimed at personal development and well-being at work. A bubble of oxygen to approach daily life with more serenity!”

“My Mental Energy Pro helps our employees take care of their mental well-being,
and to stay sharp and focused.”

Volvo Group

They trust us in 2022

For the past 5 years, we have been helping employees of all types of organizations to make better use of their brains at work in order to improve their well-being, health, safety and efficiency.

An immediate impact on well-being and efficiency

Our podcasts have been scientifically proven to improve mental well-being at work. They have been tested by the independent laboratories Epsylon (specialist in health prevention of the University of Montpellier)
and EMC to measure and prove their benefits.

Scientifically proven effectiveness with tests conducted
by independent laboratories

Heart frequency
in beats/min
Emotional Soothing:
decrease in heart rate.
Words returned from a list
of 15 words
Memorization capacity
multiplied by 2!
Respiratory frequency
in cycles/min

Soothing effect and 27% reduction in respiratory rate.

A team at your side

Take care of your employees with our pool of experts with degrees in cognitive science, neuroscience and mindfulness. Under the scientific direction of Gaël Allain, Dr. in Cognitive Psychology, specialist in mental load and co-founder of My Mental Energy Pro®, we offer you “live” and customized interventions (conferences and workshops in face-to-face and remote) for your high moments.

My Mental Energy Pro interventions are Datadock and Qualiopi eligible

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