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Television news of 20H on France 2!

Fighting absenteeism:
a challenge for companies.
My Mental Energy Pro presented as an anti-absenteeism solution chosen by companies!

Mental well-being
at work for all

This start up wants to help you
use your brain better at work, without stress. Is your brain overheating
at work? This HEC can help you lower your tension...

the power of the pause

Taking breaks
is essential for boosting
concentration and productivity! This is the conclusion
of the studies conducted by Gaël Allain and Cyril Couffe, director of the Talents for Digital Transformation Chair at Grenoble EM.

Know how to take real breaks at work

In the workplace, it is important to take breaks.
But you have to know how, because not all of them are effective. Explanations.

Stop the

How does hyper-connection at work make us much less productive?
Interview with Cyril Couffe,
Member of the scientific committee
of My Mental Energy Pro,
for BFM

Taking a break makes you more productive at work

To counteract fatigue and decreased productivity, you can rely on breaks in your workday. But be careful, not just any breaks...

Take real breaks to work better

WELL-BEING - Allowing the brain to roam freely in micro-cuts preserves mental energy, regenerates and is more effective later.

Six applications
to stay zen

To avoid burn-out, stop mental overheating! This application designed by experts in cognitive psychology, sophrology and NLP offers a large audio library...

How to improve your mental abilities?

Meeting with Jean-Christophe Beau on the occasion of Bpifrance Inno Generation. Founder of
My Mental Energy Pro, its startup innovates in the
Mental Tech sector."

MMEP wins the ID silver trophy

My Mental Energy Pro launches a mobile application for businesses. A program with exercises based on
mental visualization and guided meditation techniques.

The national HRD magazine: QWL special issue

MMEP is a fast-growing start-up that accompanies the digital transformation by a reasoned use of digital technology in the service of brain ecology...

Interview by
Jean-Christophe Beau

Interview with Jean-Christophe Beau for the monthly magazine for health professionals

JC Beau, the man who talked to the brains of companies

It is possible to do one's work better by producing less effort: by lowering one's mental load and thus reducing stress at work. RESULT: employees are more serene and efficient in their tasks.

My Mental Energy Pro: a mobile app to avoid overheating

It is because we believe in the answers that can be brought to the problems of mental overload that Business Digest invests in the start-up My Mental Energy Pro®, the first mental training app dedicated to companies.

Managing stress at work: the people of Lyon have the solution

Interview with Jean-Christophe Beau, founder of
My Mental Energy Pro and
APM club president,
for Radio RCF on the theme
of mental overheating.

My Mental Energy Pro goes digital

An application for mental well-being at work.
Jean-Christophe Beau relied on experts in neurolinguistic programming, sophrology and personal development.